Sunday, October 22, 2017

GBH News and Updates

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GBH News


After a full year of work, Treysta on the Water is having their open house on June 5th from 3pm to 7pm. For more information click here


The Wisconsin State Journal covered yesterday's groundbreaking event for Treysta on the Water, who achieved the Clean Clear Waters Challenge. Read up on the article here.


We had a great time yesterday at the groundbreaking event for Treysta on the Water, the first ever residential and commercial development to achieve the Clean Clear Waters Challenge. Listen to what Executive Director John Imes has to say about the accomplishment and the Clean Clear Waters Program and check out our Facebook Page for pictures and details about this innovative project.


Press release for the groundbreaking of Treysta on the Water. 


WEI Green Built Home standards are a requirement for WHEDA affordable housing projects statewide. Currently WHEDA has 26 projects statewide totaling 1,006 low income housing units built or remodeled to WEI Green Built Home standards. Find out more here.


Important information for Green Built Home contractors. 


Important information regarding GBH program certification, verification and administration. 


New changes to the Multi-Family Checklist Certification..


The Kansas City Star references the Green Built Home program as a model for Kansas City as the city moves towards implementing credible green home certification.


WEI Executive Director, John Imes, joined former Minnesota Environmental Initiative Executive Director, Ciaran Mannion, in Toronto for the Green Living Show. This show brought together seasoned experts in diverse fields to discuss how to make the world a greener place.

GBH Updates

August 2011 Update (pdf)
Major topics covered: clarification about builder and verifier submissions, builder requirements, verifier requirements, signature authorization, GBH fee structure

Volume 1, 2010 (pdf)
Major topics covered: updates on the verifier online checklist, verifier re-certification requirements, remodeling checklist availability, photo requirements at rough inspection, builder participation and communication

Volume 2, 2009 (pdf)
Major topics covered: clarification between builder and verifier submissions, the new verification process, verifier requirements vs. builder requirements, GBH fee structure, signature authorization and procedures

Volume 1, 2009 (pdf)
Major topics covered: comparison of GBH and NAHB National Green Building program, importance of NAHB certification, GBH certification benefits, list of current verifiers, online checklist update, verifier website listing, hiring notification